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[IP] Stress and bg levels

    The way I understand it is that when we're under stress our bodies 
release adrenalin (epinephrine)--the old fight/flight hormone, which is 
something that stops the insulin from working.  So it shoots our blood sugars 
up.  The weird thing is that adrenalin is also released when we're low.  It's 
the adrenalin that causes the shaky feeling.  (I think this is right--if not, 
somebody please correct me!)  So it took me forever to learn it, but now when 
I get that shaky feeling, the first thing I ask myself is whether or not I'm 
under any unusual stress right then--in other words, I don't just treat for a 
low like I used to.  I do a test first.  The time it really hit me was when I 
felt low at the endo's office while I was talking to her and so she had me 
tested immediately.  It had been about 100 when I had arrived about an hour 
earlier.  It was 186!--and I would have sworn I was too low.  Yeah, she said 
I told you so about always testing first--but, gee, she was right : 0    I do 
take a low daily dose of antidepressants.  That seems to keep me from 
stressing out too often now.  I'm sure my students are happy about that... 
and my husband and my children and my friends and co-workers...
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