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[IP] Hello, I'm new

Hello everyone! =} I just spent a day & a half going through a weeks
worth of messages & did I learn a lot!  I've been using my MiniMed 207
for 2.5 years with Humalog and although my bgs have stabled out some, I
don't know anything!  My training never covered square wave, insulin to
carb ratio, basal setting.  My pump trainer looked at my combined
insulin total and estimated the correct basal & bolus ratios, then
adjusted once or twice over a couple of days.  Since then my doc has
tweaked my basal, but I've never been able to figure out just how he
does it.  

I've always thought that my extreme bgs, even on the pump, were due to
my thyroid and depression issues.  My doc. has been happy with the
improvement with stability, but lately I've had a lot of lows (23, 15,
47, etc) and have started shorting my boluses to prevent them only to
have long term (5 or 6 hours later) highs  (250 - 380).  From what I've
read I have a lot of possible solutions, I just need to learn a lot.  I
see the doc tomorrow and will ask him about doing fasting basal rates
once we once again stabilize my thyroid levels!  =(

Anyway...thanks for all the information and please keep it coming!

Suzanna in Indy

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