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[IP] letting it all hang out

Kristin wrote:

> How do you do the little know thing under the tape to keep 
> it from catching  on to things?  My mom is always yelling at 
> me for having my tubing show and is afraid of it catching on 
> to something. 

Well in my personal opinion, and since my mother does the same, I'd say yell 
back at her!  It's kinda like yelling at you for letting your arm dangle from 
your shoulder like that...the pump is a part of YOU...where you go, it goes, 
and however YOU are comfortable toting it around is YOUR business, and no one 
else's.  If she is really just worried about you hurting yourself by ripping 
it out, perhaps on a day when you are gonna change anyway, walk up to her and 
give the tubing a good jerk.  Chances are good that it won't pull out, but 
even if it does, you will prove to her that you are not experiencing any 
pain...as a mom, she may be worried that pulling on it will hurt her baby who 
is already experiencing so much pain in her life.  People always ASSUME that 
yanking on things hurts, but it doesn't always, and it is not like it lasts 
more than 1/8th of a second.  Sometimes a string around a loose tooth, a 
doorknob and a sadistic brother is quite painless!

On the other hand, if, like my mother, the tubing hanging out like that 
embarrasses her, then, I highly recommend you get some fluorescent paint and 
paint the tubing BRIGHT ORANGE...and tell her to mind her own beeswax...she 
will have to deal with YOUR diabetes as bet she can.

As I have said before, BE PROUD, BE LOUD, BE BUMPY

Now, the "knot" thing people refer to is actually a little loop of tubing 
taped to your skin.  Theoretically, if you do drop the pump or pull on the 
tubing, it will tug on the taped down loop, BEFORE it tugs on the insertion 
set...In my experience, the aggravation of having to tape the loop to me, 
having to redo it every time I disconnect or sweat more than a tiny bit is 
just not worth the effort.  The stickiness of the tape makes the black fuzz 
of my clothes stick to me, it pulls on the occasional hair (yes I am 
descended from apes, if you believe in evolution...) I can't be bothered to 
constantly worry about catching the tubing or ripping the set out...why waste 
the energy, if it rips out, so what...it probably needed to be changed 

and to Saundra's daughter, Rachel - you GO girl!!  If it is limelight you 
want, I recommend acting over being a politician, seems a lot "safer."  Just 
be prepared to have your own personal insurance policy...cuz I tell ya what, 
if I had known THEN what I know NOW about how tough it is to get insurance, I 
probably would have studied business!!!

Maureen wrote:
> I would definately go for different color tubing!...I wonder if the 
> current tubing glows under a blacklight?

...the tubing itself doesn't glow, but if there are any white spaces in it 
where the two layers of plastic have separated, they DO glow - kinda neat!!!


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