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Re:[IP] test strips and blood borne pathogens

>I think there was a recent posting on "blood borne pathogens" ...
>referring to blood on the test strips. Does anyone still know
>the link? I am gathering info for meeting with school tomorrow.

Your Search for pathogen* and blood, returned 2 Items

1000 RE: [IP] Lethal Lancets
From: Curtis Lomax <email @ redacted>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 15:08:32 -0700
cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg00125.html   5954 bytes
#DCW comment: see Curtis' third paragraph
1000 RE: [IP] 504 plan
From: Curtis Lomax <email @ redacted>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:47:40 -0700
cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg00998.html   5801 bytes
#DCW comment: see Curtis' fifth paragraph

DCW own addition: similar concerns were two years ago expunged
from "available excuses not to allow" for California in search:
For previous-session ( 1997-1998 ) AB 221
Law in California since 09/29/1997 as seen from there at
which gives
BILL NUMBER  : A.B. No. 221
AUTHOR  : Goldsmith
TOPIC   : Health:  blood glucose monitoring.
Sept. 29   Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter   550, Statutes of  
Sept. 28   Approved by the Governor.
Sept. 19   Enrolled and to the Governor at   4 p.m.

Extracts from that which might be usable elsewhere:
<< Existing law, the Medical Practice Act, prohibits the unauthorized
practice of medicine, but also provides that it does not prohibit
service in the case of emergency, or the domestic administration of
family remedies. >>
I understand it as including the now 20-years old practice of
home-glucose-monitoring into "domestic .. family remedies"
Sure, it was directed specifically towards pre-school daycare
providers, and earlier versions (also accessible there)
I remember from going to the state capitol for some committee
sessions on it, were more explicit about "not regarding the wastes
.. as a 'hazard'".
All I can find now is the change from
<<instructions on the proper use of the monitoring instrument
and the handling of
associated medical waste
any lancets, test strips, cotton balls, or other items used
during the process of conducting a blood glucose test >>
before reducing to
<<The person complies with universal precautions when performing
the testing and posts a list of the universal precautions in a
prominent place within the child day care facility.>>

# I saw your phrase "blood-borne pathogens" in one of the
intermediate versions, deleted in the final chaptered bill.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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