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[IP] How G-d selects the children of a pumper

Having started diabetes at the age of two I guess I am as fit as anyone to
comment on how G-d makes parents but it seems a diatribe bent on hurting
people.  My father was fantastic and my mom unfortunately could not deal
with it.  My dad gave me all my shots (three to four a day to start with)
and my mom kind of sat by and watched.  She was incredibly good with the
food and kept me pretty well balanced. (for the time when testing meant
urine once or twice a day).

I think the more amazing thing is how our kids react to pumping.  My four
year old at least five or six times a week (and sometimes twice a day) will
check how much 'insulin is left in pump' and remind me to change my sight.
He has already found my previous pump (507) and told me he wants it when he
grows up (G-d forbid he should need it) as he considers it a part of a grown
up father (I guess since he never saw anything ELSE).

My daughters are also quite good and have gotten able to detect a high or
low sugar by how I act.  Not bad for thirteen and seven!  They are all aware
of my dietary needs and now that normally I cannot have 'nosh' but that when
LOW I need it.

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