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Re: [IP] restaurants and diet drinks/special orders

Having worked in the foodservice industry for the last 9 years, I can 
honestly say that sometimes accidents do happen with regards to diet/regular 
sodas. My staff was always in tune with special diets due to my telling 
stories about me being diabetic. However, an occasional mistake does happen. 
Most of us can tell the diffeence between coke and diet, and if a mistake 
occurs, ask the server to check again. Sometimes the soda boxes get hooked up 
wrong. Just my .02 cents worth. Also...When someone orders fries with no 
salt, they are either on a sodium reduced diet, OR they order with no salt 
and then salt them theirselves, this way they can ejoy HOT fries all the 
time. (Most restaurants dont keep unsalted fries in the holding line, so they 
have to make a fresh batch)

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