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[IP] hanging tubing

Daniel is not one bit shy about showing off his pump.  He has the shorter
tubing that he does tuck in, but I'd like to think it's safer that way.  I'd
hate to see it get pulled out by accident OR by prank.  I know he'd be
pleased with neon tubing!  (When he was younger he wanted those colored
braces, but we talked him out of it.)  His buddies call his pump his
"insulin pager."  Good name for it, huh?!

Dan started school today.  When do parents back off and let the kid talk to
his own teachers about his needs?  His school is small and everyone knows
he's diabetic.  Should I continue to talk to each of his teachers to explain
his needs?

Incidently, he is one of two diabetics in a H.S. of 240 students.  The other
is one of his best friends--a coincidence.  His friend Josh was dx'd at age
5, Daniel at age 12.  When Dan was dx'd, he already knew so much from Josh.
Josh's mom was .... thrilled (?) that if it had to happen to anyone it
happened to Dan.  (Hard to figure out, but I understand because they have
always spent so much time at each other's houses and the teen years were
just ahead.)  They are 16&17 now, but only Dan is a pumper.  Together
they've taught their classmates & teachers so much, and they really watch
out for each other.  His mom and I are also good friends.  Josh is NOT
interested in a pump, and he's in good control & has excellent A1Cs doing
multiple shots with his Novopens like Dan used to.  Ain't it great?  Dan
hasn't had a "shot" in 6 months!!! 

Tricia, Dan's mom
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