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[IP] restaurants and diet drinks/special orders

We've often had restaurant personnel question my daughter on why she orders a 
diet drink ... she is a very fit, 12 year old. They will even look at me 
funny ... as if, I'd put my 12 year old on a diet. 

We have ordered a diet Lemonade before, and one particular store serves both 
diet and regular, and Rachel watched the server go and fill her lemonade from 
the regular lemonade dispenser. I have taught her to be very direct and say, 
"Excuse me, but are you sure that's diet. I need a diet lemonade". If she 
wants to explain, she can. If not, she doesn't have to.

I remember as a teenager working in a fast food restaurant and someone 
wanting their french fries without salt. I thought the person was just being 
picky. Now, I realize they were probably on a sodium restricted diet. These 
food service establishments really should teach all their employees the 
important health reasons someone may order the way they do. It really should 
be part of a mandatory test. 

Hmmm ... anyone interested in a new job going around the country and testing 
all these restaurants??? 

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