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[IP] pharmacists, pumps, and humalog

I at the pharmacy the other day filling my daughter's rx for Humalog...this 
is our first filling since beginning the pump, but did use Humalog before. 
The last rx we had filled for Humalog was the pen, so that's what they 
decided to dispense this time. Upon seeing this, I told the cashier that I 
did not want the pen I wanted the vials. I further explained how I had 
already tried filling the pump "chamber" with the pen and it was just too 
difficult. She in turn, went to the pharmacist and told him what I said. They 
were a little distance away from me, but I was looking and listening ... I 
have great hearing ... to what they were saying. Anyway, his comment to her 
was..."humalog in a pump, they don't do that". I shouted...well, not really 
shouted, but spoke very loudly..."oh yes they do, Humalog is used in a pump 
all the time". The pharmacist just shook his head and filled the rx, but said 
they want a new prescription from the endo for the next filling. I said, 
"Don't worry, that won't be a problem".

Now, this is probably the largest ... by volume of rx's filled ... pharmacy 
in the Baltimore area. (In fact, when I worked at the Johns Hopkins pharmacy 
years ago, I spoke with one of the drug reps, and he told me it was his 
customer and was the most active pharmacy in his territory.) 

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting, and I wonder if that pharmacist 
went home and investigated the pump and Humalog <smile>. I hope he did.

Outspoken Mom of Rachel
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