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[IP] "Attitude" (or "A high bg by any other name...".)

Greetings all:
      Class is in session once again for a "Life 101 Lesson". Melissa and I 
were fortunate to have lunch this week with Bill King ( an IP member/marathon 
runner/man of many talents!) and some of the principals from the Animas Corp. 
(the company working on a 3rd pump & awaiting FDA approval). While chatting 
about the pump & its unique features ( by the way: note to IPers: all 
suggestions & input are eagerly welcomed by the Animas staff at  
email @ redacted) , I asked Melissa to check her bg. She'd been 110 
before we left for our hour drive to meet with Bill, so she didn't think she 
needed to. Bill suggested everyone check & Melissa was dismayed to see she 
was 235. Bill immediately said "that's fine - it's just information which 
enables you to make adjustments, precisely because you DID take the time to 
check." WOW - he should be living in the homes of every child with diabetes 
who has ever heard "why are you high? what did you eat?" or those other gems 
that we parents ( yes - mea culpa) have stupidly uttered over the years!!! He 
then nonchalantly offered us all water ( which I'm now thinking was done 
intentionally to hydrate Melissa??? - are you reading this Bill???). We then 
discussed the zillion and one inexplicable reasons why bgs suddenly soar & 
finally concluded it was the stress from having to sit beside me while I 
drove her there!! LOL!.....
    Stay tuned for further details about the pump. I hesitate to share too 
much information since it hasn't YET gotten that almighty FDA approval, but 
suffice it to say that as the features were being explained to us, I found 
myself nodding & turning to Melissa to say "hey - that's another one of those 
things we said the pump needed!!"...which isn't all that surprising, 
considering that Melissa and I were part of the "test market" interviews 
conducted nearly 2 years ago....These people DO listen!!! So, time to write 
out your "wish list" pumpers!!

Regards, Renee ( 16 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach and out-to-pasture former 
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