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[IP] airport security story

Hi all.
I had a neat experience at BWI airport on Sunday when I went to pick up my sister.
Since airport security has been a recent topic, I thought I'd share it.  As I was going
through the "bomb detector" in the terminal, a woman who was working there said to me,
"Wait a minute!  Is that a pump?"  I said yes and walked through the detector.  She
looked concerned and asked me if it was o.k. to take the pump through.  I said that it
was and added, "It's just so nice to run into someone who knows what an insulin pump
is!"  She said she was diabetic also.  "Oh, great!  Wonderful!" I said, as I hurried
off to the gate.  I realized later that "great" and "wonderful" aren't necessarily the
first words that most people think of in terms of diabetes.  Hope she understood that
it was the connection I was talking about, not the fact that she is diabetic!  So. . .
in at least 1 U.S. airport, there is at least 1 employee who can identify an insulin

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