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[IP] Re:Jill Nystul going down in flames. . .

> From: "Jill Nystul" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Going down in flames....
> lol...it's funny (kinda sad funny) how even something as harmless as this and
> only meant to provide a little positive enforcement can get flamed on these
> lists.  sheesh  Making mental note..."do not post to this list."
> Jill

The Erma Bombeck piece you posted was not my style.  Still, I really hope you
don't stop posting such things!  Several people wrote to say that it was helpful
and comforting to them, and that's enough reason to post it.  Please don't take
the negative posts personally!  All they are saying is that this particular
viewpoint doesn't work for them.  Some people say it more gently and tactfully,
while others prefer the rude, but universally-understood "It sucked!"  Keep
posting and giving people the opportunity to share what has been helpful to you.
Take care.

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