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Re: [IP] from one disturbed individual to several others <g> long

Hi Sara, You are the kind of person I would like to have as a very close 
friend. I love your attitude, views and the way you express them. I agree 
with your feelings about the seemingly obsessive, 'disturbed' people and 
their compulsion to have A1c's in the 5 range.... and I am not one who is 
speaking out of envy or jealousy, as my own a1c's are around 6.8--7.0., but 
expect it to go down even more the next time, as I just went on the pump in 
I admire people who speak their mind. I hope you won't let the objecters 
bother you.
Haven't I 'spoken' to you in one of the diabetes/pumpers chatrooms? Your name 
is familiar. 
Take care,
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