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Re: [IP] Letting it all hang out

Well, I'm not 10 anymore (21 on Sunday), and I still let my tubing hang
out.  I've caught it on many doorknobs, rings, watches, my hands, other
people's hands, and even closed it in a car door (only realized that I did
when I got a no delivery alarm, my roommate just sighed when I made her
pull over to the side of the road so I could open the car door).  Most of
the time I don't care.  When I do care, I will tuck it in.  But I also have
been known to have an "arm site" and wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts
and not care.  And I would definately go for different color tubing!  :-)
I have different colored shirts, shorts, pants, underwear, exc!  Hmmm, I
wonder if the current tubing glows under a blacklight?

dx 10/24/94
MM 507C 4/6/99
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