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[IP] need a (brief) form for school

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed, but I'm sort of delete-happy.  My son
starts school tomorrow, and since he started pump therapy last year without
any problems, I thought we'd ironed out most of the school bugs.  (Wrong,
wrong, wrong...)  The "teacher/coach information form" they sent home with
him today just doesn't match his current treatment--it's based on injection
as the treatment.  I printed the form from the IP website, but Josh thinks
it is just too long.  So (yes, finally, here's my question/request!), would
someone please email me a shorter, pump-based letter intended for teachers
and nurses or an URL for a site that has one?  

Thanks in advance.  As an educator myself, I should have known better and
been prepared.  Argh...

:)  Doreen in Wyoming 
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