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Re: [IP] Letting it all hang out

Rachel also has never hidden her diabetes. I remember hearing stories about 
testing in public and peoples reactions. Rachel never did care. Finger pokes, 
injections, they just didn't matter. But, we've always acted like there was 
nothing to hide. From day one, we were very open with everyone. In fact, the 
times I would have to go to school and give her an injection in the 
lunchroom, she would ask anyone if they wanted to watch. She has even had 
quite a few of her friends want to test their own bg's. A few people, 
teachers or parents, would tell other children "come on now, Rachel isn't 
putting on a show", but actually she was ... and enjoying every minute of it.
My dad, Rachel's granddad, thought we should not tell anyone for fear of 
teasing from other children. But my thought was always, the more people who 
know of her condition, the easier it will be to help her if she ever needed 
it. The only thing we noticed, was there were some parents who would not ask 
Rachel to spend the night anymore.  What a shame, boy did they and their 
children miss out on spending time with a great kid.

Oh well, she can't wait to get to school on Monday to show off her new, blue 
pump. Boy, she loves the limelight ... hmmm, maybe she should be an actress 
or a politician ... I think the latter is getting more "limelight" now anyway 

Mom to Rachel who's just letting it all hang out
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