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[IP] a1c and banshee moments

no offense taken by ME Leslie, 8-)

you write:
> can anyone explain why Sara's A1C's are anywhere from 6.8 to 8.3 
> (?) and mine are all in the 5.0 to 6.0 range 

actually mine are in the 6.8 - 7.3 range, not 8.3 range, and have been for 
the last 2 years, which is actually LESS of a variability than yours.  What I 
hope to achieve with my blood sugars is stability.  I don't eat and test and 
exercise to reach any particular A1C number, and I try not to validate myself 
as "good" or "bad" based on my A1c.

I, and my team, just want controlled stability.  My doctor thinks a low A1c 
is USUALLY, for MOST people, in GENERAL (is that covering my ass enough?), 
indicative of an insulin-oholic with lots of lows.  I want to avoid 
swings...which is why I don't aim for 80-120, but rather 100-150.  It is the 
LOWS that are bad for my bleeding eyeballs.  Lows don't "cancel" out highs in 
the A1C scheme of things anyway.  I don't enjoy it much when my bg gets below 
100.  My family and friends hear my crows of ecstasy when I come in at 119 
and 124!!

I wrote:
> I have only had 3 A1Cs that were higher than 8.0 (in the last 6.5 
> years of pumping), but I was also in a horrible place in my life...

You ask about our differences, when i actually tested lower than you that 
particular day, but you can't really compare one day...I may have been on the 
rag (or visiting Aunt Flo or your ephemism of choice) and had my basals 
potted up slightly, or your site might have been just this side of ready to 
be changed or or or or or or ad infinitum.

One just can't compare one person's numbers to anothers...for example, I feel 
like crap at 65, whereas some people feel just fine there...there are people 
with complications whose A1cs are below 7, and some complication free people 
with 8+ A1cs - everyone is different

there are lots of debates on how to describe what the a1c ACTUALLY 
measures...I have yet to hear the definitive explanation, but i do know you 
can't go by the "average" your meter gives you.  That is a skewed average.  I 
test at least every 20 to 30 minutes when my blood sugar is over 250, but I 
don't normally test that much...all those higher than 250 numbers make my 
meter average higher...

leslie wrote:
> (except for the banshee moment:-)) 

heh heh...should I explain this?  sure why not...we were at the Ren faire in 
VA and had picked up our lunch...both she and I were feeling a little 
famished as we headed over to the picnic tables.  They were all full except 
one that had 2 kids sitting at it.  We nicely (really) asked if we could 
share their table and they said OK, but they needed to save a place for their 
mom...so since there was PLENTY OF ROOM, we sit down, test, bolus and start 
to eat...The mom comes running over and starts YELLING at the kid for not 
saving the table.  We apologized - said the kid had said it was okay for us 
to sit there.  She got real ugly and nasty and rude, and yelled at US!!! and 
basically, to sum up a really hilarious moment, Leslie let her have it, 4 
letter words and all!  It was a Kodak moment!!!  this mean old lady and her 
poor innocent kids (i felt so bad for them!! they were so embarassed), 
feeling the wrath and ire of Leslie at bg 65 (or whatever it was - i don't 
remember)...it was just so funny

could someone please define hyperbolic and histrionic for me.  I think i have 
been insulted but I want to make sure before I react.

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