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Re: [IP] Suchi

i love sushi myself.... i usually calculate for the rice only in terms of
bg's... but do watch out for avocado and other sneaky type food....
(avocado is usually one of the ingredients in california roll....)
another hint:  try going to a japanese grocery store and checking the
nutrition info on nori (the seaweed used in most roll-type sushi)......
there is often a very small amount of sugar added to sushi rice, to
improve its stickiness, do you always go to the same restaurant?  (if you
do, you could ask them how much they add, if any....)

(the sushi fiend!!!  (it's actually how i met my boyfriend... he and i
were the only ones in a group of fifteen who wanted to go for sushi...)

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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