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Re: [IP] testing in class

When my daughter went on the pump at the beginning of this school year the 
school was just great with her testing in the class room. I just had the dr. 
write specifically on the paper work that it was necessary. There is a room 
off the classroom where Monica keeps her meter and a folder to record 
results. It is locked up there so the other students don't get too curious. 
It's worked out great since she has to test more often then just at 
lunch.Good luck!

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>Subject: [IP] testing in class
>Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:08:23 EDT
>Well, I wanted to thank everyone on there experiences with testing in the
>class room.  When Rachel was dx'd in 1996, we didn't even give that a 
>Her school has been wonderful in her care, and we really don't have too 
>to complain about, but I wasn't sure how they would handle this issue.
>Anyway, I called school yesterday and set up my yearly meeting with the
>school nurse for this Friday. Along with new instructions for the pump, I
>just told her Rachel would be doing her testing in the class this year. She
>responded positively, but I am wondering if when I actually see her on 
>if she will have the same reaction ... esp after talking to the principal.
>Well, thanks to all here, I am prepared for the fight, if needed <vbg>. 
>will make things much easier for Rachel.
>Thanks again for all your thoughts and experiences.
>Mom to Rachel
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