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[IP] testing in class

Well, I wanted to thank everyone on there experiences with testing in the 
class room.  When Rachel was dx'd in 1996, we didn't even give that a thought.

Her school has been wonderful in her care, and we really don't have too much 
to complain about, but I wasn't sure how they would handle this issue. 
Anyway, I called school yesterday and set up my yearly meeting with the 
school nurse for this Friday. Along with new instructions for the pump, I 
just told her Rachel would be doing her testing in the class this year. She 
responded positively, but I am wondering if when I actually see her on Friday 
if she will have the same reaction ... esp after talking to the principal.   

Well, thanks to all here, I am prepared for the fight, if needed <vbg>. This 
will make things much easier for Rachel.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and experiences.
Mom to Rachel
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