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[IP] Charcot foot, disetronic duck & Minimed Moose

I first want to thank the numbers of members that sent me good wishes,
blessings and other things (including an electronic bowl of chicken soup
from Canada).  This list gives one the will to keep going despite being on
disability (how does one cause insanity in normal person: tell them they
cannot walk for two plus months while they are at home surrounded by loving
wife and kids)

Doctor finally sees signs of progress (HURRAY).  10 more days in soft cast
and then only the uni-boot for 10 days, then my special shoes (where oh
where do i steal the $150.00 from since insurance company already told me
that they're 'not sure we cover them submit the bill when you get them with
a doctors note of need).

I hope to be back at work within three weeks (he wants me walking (less than
two blocks MAX a day in uni-boot but not more)) so I'm getting ready.

About the duck and moose.  The FIRST stuffed animal to wear a pump was NOT a
moose or a duck but it was a sesame street muppet that used to be sold which
had no eyes, ears or nose (the child playing with it would put on whichever
he wanted to at the time).  When I first got my pump I was the youngest in
my group (ages ranged from me: 20 up to about 54, which then seemed ancient
and now seems soon).  I took one of my little sisters muppet puppets,
attached a battery pack from an old calculator (which were quite new
themselves at the time (June '80)) and ran some tubing from battery to under
muppets shirt.

He was the hit of the group until one of the nurses kind of mentioned I was
being even more immature than normal (I had also printed up t-shirts which
said Guinnea Pig # and what number pump we were on).  Oh well, those were
the days.

Only three weeks left to being believable!!!  According to one of those 60s
gurus, you cannot trust anyone over 40 which I'll be on the second day of
Rosh HaShanna (I think it's around 19 Sept but don't hold me to date I don't
have a normal calender here).

I'll try to get back into swing of list now that I'm semi-mobile (walking
around apartment freely and a tiny bit outside).

Yerachmiel (the dinasour) Altman

by the way: does anyone know of any legal diluent for humalog??   I am very
curious to try diluting a few fill-ups and run my pump at U50 or even U25
for a few days to get twice or so as many shots/basal rate (Something tells
me this is a good idea-seemed to work in the anceint days well).

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