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Re: [IP] Where to wear a pump

Stephanie (age 10) wears hers in a shoulder pocketbook when she wears
jumpers (tubing goes out through the button holes, pump goes into purse); in
a mini backpack  or fanny pack when there are no pockets in her outfit;
pinned in a babysock inside shorts when no pockets available (and no packs
allowed at school); but her favorite is in a "extra" pocket made from a
pocket cut out from an old pair of jeans...it has ribbons attached that she
can tie around her waist...kind of like a belt with a pocket attached.
Having her pump and/or tubing showing deoesn't phase her in the least, so
she just lets it all hang out, so to speak! :)

Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98

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