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Re: [IP] Where to wear a pump

There are a lot of things one can do with a pump when wearing dresses, and 
overalls....  Bike shorts might be kinda hot, but the cheerleading underwear 
would hold it in place.  Personally I would just slip it into the pocket, 
with overalls, or another favorite trick I have it wearing knee socks, and my 
Dr Martin boots, that way the pump does not slide down to your ankle, because 
the high boot prevents it form slipping.  That would be with overalls of 
course.  You can make you own waist thing with a very thick piece of elastic, 
just make sure you sew a piece of elastic a little smaller than the width of 
the pump to the waist thing to hold the pump in place.  I bought a suspender 
clip to hold the 2 ends where they meet.  
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