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[IP] Temp bolusing for high fat foods

I agree that all carbs aren't equal, and some proteins and fats raise blood
sugars, not just delay absorbtion of carbs consumed at the same time.
Jenna's most (in)famous foods for this are good steaks (the only thing that
she eats large quantities of protein at one setting), gourmet ice cream
(high fat - the regular brands don't bother her), Olive Garden's Fettucini
Alfredo (her favorite thing to eat out), as well as the universal,  pizza.
We had her Disetronics pump set so that a temporary increase bolus lasted 4
hours, instead of the factory-set 12 hours (the sales rep did this at our
house with a modem), and when she eats one of those foods, we bolus
accordingly, and set a 200% temp basal, which on her low basal rates of 0.4
units per hour, gives her 1.6 units extra of insulin over 4 hours.  Seems to
work pretty well, though I still wish our D had the square wave.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10, Pumping 1 year now (time sure flies)

<<All carbs don't seem to be equal. ..Glycemic indexes were found by testing
one food at a time...One
thing I am sure of is that what Michael eats with his carbs has a large
effect on his blood sugars.  Pizza and french fries (high fat foods)
actually cause him to go low an hour after the meal, then high for 2-3 hours
later.  We solve ths problem by saving half his meal bolus for later (since
disetronic doesn't have a square wave bolus).  Vanilla ice cream (a medium
fat food) seems to be the perfect food for Michael's humalog bolus

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