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Re: [IP] pumps and dresses and 10 yr. olds!

> geneva is going through this dilemma herself right.
> for overalls and pants she puts it in the pocket without the leather
> case that comes with the MM.
> we are still working on the dress thing.  there is a company called
> "unique accessories" which is online and they sell a bunch of things
> to hold the pump.  little girls have a problem though as they don't
> have it up front enough for a bra thingy and the dress styles now
> are these little slip numbers which show any lump or bump.

When you wear slinky things, wear a matching pair of bike shorts 
underneath. The pump is slipped into the leg (bottom up) on the 
inside of the thigh and a safety pin will hold the hook-end of the 
clip (loop it through) . It can be removed quickly to bolus and 
replaced securely. It can also be slipped (clip and all) just up 
under the pant leg.

see the very crude drawing at:

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