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Re: [IP] high bg's and eye correction

David next time you see you opthalmologist, ask him for the data on which
that is based.  I think he is making that up or basing it on one anecdote
that his mother told him.  Yes we all know that there is an effect of BG on
vision, but sometimes I can see less clearly when my BG is low and very
sharp when high.  I've never heard anyone saying that a temp reading over
180 can have an effect up to 3 weeks later!!!! I don't think this guy is
seeing straight.   If you do ask him, he'll probably say it is too
technical for a dummy like you to understand,,, but say that you need it
for a friend *S*   I'm sure he'll say he'll put it in the mail.  And he
probably has a bridge he would like to sell you too!!!

<My Ophthalmologist told me he will not even attempt to do a prescription for
<lenses (glasses or contacts) unless you have gone at least 3 weeks without a
<reading over 180.  He said it takes that long for your eyes to stabilize
<again after high bg.
<David  Type 1 {LADA}

> Kevin went to the eye doc yesterday and found out he needs glasses for
> distance.  Has anyone ever heard that if you have had a recent high bg
> the reading may not be correct?  Kevin had the 401 on Saturday night but
> was under control in about 2 hours. Could it really throw things off that
> much?  Last year his sight was fine.
> Thanks,
> Robin
> Mom of Kevin

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