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[IP] High Blood Sugars and glasses

 I can defintely attest to the fact that it is a waste  of money to buy
glasses based on a eye exam that takes place after a period of high glucose
readings.  As usual YMMV (your mileage may vary) but very high blood sugar
or high sugars that persist for more than a couple of days cause me to
become myopic and until my eyes settle down it is useless to buy new
glasses.  I spent almost $1,000.00 on new glasses before I had my BG tested
and found out that I had diabetes.  I thought I was going blind.  Even
after MDI I found that even a few days of high sugars made my eyesight
change so much that I couldn't read street signs, supermarket isle markers,
etc.  I seriously considered buying a number of different prescription
lenses so that I would always have at least one pair of glasses that would
allow me to function.  Instead I bought an insulin pump and I have been
able to tackle the problem at the source and in the almost 3 months I have
been on the pump have found that my eyesight has been almost stable,
because my blood glucose levels vary a lot less.  My doctor says that I am
an extreme case but high blood sugars will affect the curvature of the eye
in most diabetics.  He assures me that this is unrelated to retinopathy but
I worry a lot that this fluctuation cannot be good for my eyes and I flinch
every time I read about or see a blind person. 
 I am paying for the pump and all supplies myself because I am still
fighting the insurance people.  I was at the hospital yesterday working on
a new letter to appeal my rejection by the insurance company.  It is so
disheartening to learn that the insurance company feels the fact that I
don't have signs of retinopathy yet is a reason to reject me.  I gather
they think it preferable to wait until my eyesight is seriously compromised
and THEN give me the tools I need to 'close the barn door after the horse
is gone.'
Question: any of those people who have eye problems, did you experience
extreme myopia following high blood sugars?  Also, those of you who
experience extreme blurring after high blood sugars, are you experiencing
retinopathy or is my doctor correct that I can have this severe blurring
without it necessarily causing damage to the retina?  He seems to feel that
as long as the overall control is good the odd high wont damage my eyes
even though it leaves me stumbling around for a few days, feeling like an
illiterate fool.  Whenever I read e-mails by those of you with eye problems
I feel both inspired and yet  terrified.  I hope I will never be called
upon to show the courage you do in the face of such a loss.  

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