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Re: [IP] thigh thing

ruth, Eve only wore it once with the little slinky dress with spaghetti
strips. Eve feels more comfortable in pants. I told her once she could put
the pump in her bra, all she did was laugh. I can say this b/c Eve's at camp
and won't find out I said this. We do have a problem her tubing is always
hanging out all the way and she likes the long tubing so it's hanging to her
knees and I just laugh at her and she keep asking why I'm laughing at her.
It's kind of a joke. ha! Ha!

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 11:22 AM
Subject: [IP] thigh thing

> deborah,
> how about the garter aspect of it?  no problems?
> geneva also is very open about her pump.  doesn't care whether it shows or
> not.
> ruth

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