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[IP] pumps and dresses and 10 yr. olds!


geneva is going through this dilemma herself right.

for overalls and pants she puts it in the pocket without the leather case
that comes with the MM.

we are still working on the dress thing.  there is a company called "unique
accessories" which is online and they sell a bunch of things to hold the
pump.  little girls have a problem though as they don't have it up front
enough for a bra thingy and the dress styles now are these little slip
numbers which show any lump or bump.

I was going to do the same question but forgot.  thanks for bringing it up.
maybe some girls out there can inform us as to what they do when they want
to dress up.

overalls are actually great  as are cargo pants.  lots of options for

ruth and geneva, age ten,   pumping since june.

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