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Re: [IP] high bg's and eye correction

email @ redacted wrote:
> Kevin went to the eye doc yesterday and found out he needs glasses for
> distance.  Has anyone ever heard that if you have had a recent high bg that
> the reading may not be correct?  Kevin had the 401 on Saturday night but it
> was under control in about 2 hours. Could it really throw things off that
> much?  Last year his sight was fine.

Sounds like common nearsightedness (myopia) to me!  As children grow,
the shape of their eyes may change, depending on what their genetic
inheritance is. Nearsightedness is a recessive gene -- and the change in
vision usually manifests sometime during childhood. So the fact that his
vision was fine last year doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be fine
this year!

Nearsightedness is extremely common, and has nothing to do with

If you're really uncomfortable with the exam, then ask your doc to do a
repeat at a time when Kevin hasn't had any severe highs for several
days. You also might ask Kevin whether he always sees things as blurry
in the far distance, or whether it comes and goes. If it's always there,
then it's probably not related to BGs. 

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