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Re: [IP] Mini-Med v Disatronics

(From the hubby)
My wife is one of those who uses both the Disetronic and the MiniMed due to 
the fact that she is a pump trainer for both.  The Disetronic is the one 
that we own but she uses the MiniMed quite often, especially before 
training a patient who will be waring the M.  Have you tried talking to 
your rep when they sold you an old pump?  Both pumps are really good and 
they both have their pros and cons.  IMO, the best thing about the 
Disetronic is that you get a spare pump but at the same time, we have had 
three pump failures in three years with the D.

At 08:02 PM 8/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I am interested in anyone who has been on BOTH.  I have been unhappy with my
>Mini-Med this time around and I am thinking about changing to something
>else.  I saw the disatronics in 92, but I still was satisfied with my
>Mini-Med (a 504) so I bought another, (a 506).  Now I have had this one for
>a year (a 507, which they sold to me after the 507C's came out not knowing
>that they had a new one!) and had nothing but problems with it.
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