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Subject: [IP] How many people with diabetes in 100?

Hi Betsy,
We live in a small town in western North Carolina.  We have 6 kids in our
neighborhood with diabetes.  Way too many - our whole city only has 14,000
people.  At the middle school Jenna will attend next year, there will be 5
kids (enrollement of about 450) with diabetes - an most novel, 4 of the 5
have pumps thanks to our endo who believes in them.  Our community is a
furniture manufacturing community, so we have (unfortunately) a lot of
chemicals and air pollution for a little town.  I've wondered many times if
that has something to do with the number of kids with Type 1.

Nancy Morgan

<<wondering if there's something
environmental around our community (Colorado Springs, CO) that contributes
to diabetes and its diagnosis. Stephanie was in an elementary school with
700 kids and was 1 of 6 kids with diabetes! Statistically, this is way out
of whack, it seems.

Anyone else live in seemingly high concentration areas of diabetes?>>

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