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[IP] Newbie needs answers

nancy wrote that all carbs don't seem to be equal.  We were trained that way
too, and I don't really believe it.  Glycemic indexes were found by testing
one food at a time, so they're not very practical for most real people.  One
thing I am sure of is that what Michael eats with his carbs has a large
effect on his blood sugars.  Pizza and french fries (high fat foods)
actually cause him to go low an hour after the meal, then high for 2-3 hours
later.  We solve ths problem by saving half his meal bolus for later (since
disetronic doesn't have a square wave bolus).  Vanilla ice cream (a medium
fat food) seems to be the perfect food for Michael's humalog bolus profile.
His blood sugar doesn't get too high or too low any time after eating that!
Some breakfast cereals (Lucky Charms eg) seem to digest too quickly and
cause a rise immediately after the meal and a fall before the next.  We
avoid those or eat them with a protein food.  I'm sure this is another case
of YMMV.

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