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[IP] Re: Type 2's and the pump

email @ redacted wrote:

> Ive just joined the pumpers list.......Im a Type 2  on multiple daily
> injections who read that article in FORECAST and wants a pump!  If you have
> any suggestions, etc, please pass them on.  My endo is supportive (I will be
> his first type 2)  and Ive contacted my insurance and Minimed....any
> suggestions?

Well, MiniMed and your doc will do their best to get you a pump, I'm

As far as suggestions -- learning  how to use the pump as a machine is
just like for a Type 1. 

However, Type 2's have a lot more leeway than Type 1's -- if the pump
fails, you're not going to go into DKA, even if your BGs do rise. You
have to be careful about inspecting the site regularly, because your BGs
may not reflect a bad site or an infection as quickly or dramatically as
a Type 1.  

Other things may be more complicated. For example, if you eat, and
miscalculate your insulin, you need to be careful about trying to bring
down a high -- your body may have already sensed the high and put out a
spurt of its own insulin -- and if you add too much to it, you could end
up with a hypo. 

Carb ratios may be a little more complicated too, because some Type 2's
have erratic pancreases -- sometimes it will give you a little gift you
weren't expecting, and it may function better at certain times of day or
month than at others. 

I think the major argument for a pump for a Type 2 is quality of life --
I really do think that Type 2's deserve to have intensive control, too,
and it's just plain easier with a pump. Plus most people experience a
lowering of insulin dose with a pump, and that has to be a good thing
for a Type 2!

I heard one doc argue that pumps weren't necessary for Type 2's because
most could do just fine on 2 injections a day. But it really depends on
your definition of fine -- if the person is willing to do more, and get
excellent, rather than just good control, I think they should have the
opportunity. No, it's not a matter of life and death, but I've talked to
far too many Type 2's with horrendous complications to believe that Type
2 should be taken any less seriously than Type 1. 

At any rate, good luck with it! 
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