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Re: [IP] re: school

> We went prepared to that meeting, had a list of
> points we wanted included (thanks Lisa D. for sharing your
> knowledge!) and they agreed to most points, except for the
> attendance one, acknowledging that would be up to the principal. So
> it seems even with the 504 it can't be helped, which is why we're
> going to the superintendent, who I believe from what I've been told
> will actually hear what we are saying, pay attention to it, and make
> an exception.

Gotta get your thinking straight :-) What you are asking for is not 
an exception. The 504 plans simply spells out what is required to 
accomodate your needs  --- which--- is required by law for 
them to provide. Somehow they have it in their heads that they are 
providing "exceptional" treatment for you. That is not the case. It 
is simply what they are requred to provide and what you should 
expect. Fortunatly for Lily, this has never been a problem. Both the 
middle school an the high school have never questioned her many 
missed morining or occasional late assignment.
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