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[IP] Compubetic - Going Dowwwwwn

Am going offline kinda sorta until I can get a new computer and as some of you know my financial circumstances are rather prohibiting at the moment.  Still what are credit cards for???

Will access the digest from time to time.  I am so upset about this as you folks have literally kept me pumping with all your generous contributions these past few months.  I reserve the right to access the list and whine and beg, thank you.

WHEN I recover from this financial crunch (not IF mind you) I would like to start up a storage area for supplies for indigent pumpers.  Believe me folks we need it.

I still have mail service at email @ redacted so you can email me directly if you like (or are trying to figure out what to do with those leftover LIfescan strips from your old meter.  For those of you who are so inclined - please PRAY.  thanks again.

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