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[IP] carbs are equal

Hey Jane:

this is not hate mail, cuz you know I, of anyone, feel it is everyone's RIGHT 
to believe whatever they want, as opposite as it may be to the way I 
personally think it ought be done.

Now, not that I wish it on anyone, and I certainly hope by your having 
avoided "sugar" all your life and never having a blood sugar over 140, it 
will never come to pass for you, but just on the slimmest chance that you 
ever start spilling protein in your urine and your doctor recommends a LOW 
protein diet in order to delay further kidney  problems, as mine has, what 
will you eat?

> I have tried to eliminate carbo's from my diet, or at least
> minimize them!  I live on chicken and fish and fresh vegetables!  

Sara who lives on pasta, potatoes, rice, whole grain breads, cereals, lots of 
fruit, dairy products (including ice cream), and the occasional chicken, tuna 
and fish every so often.
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