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[IP] Audio Bolus?

Jill wrote

> Can you actually TELL your pump to deliver a bolus?  

What an AMAZING GOOD IDEA!!!  someone forward this to Minimed.  If they can 
have PCs that talk to you, why not some kind of port or data base you can 
plug the pump into or even an infra red type thing - you just aim the sensor 
on the pump at the "com station."  You could say "deliver bolus," it asks 
"amount."  You say 2.6 units," it confirms 2.6 units.  It asks, "period of 
time," you answer, "immediate" or "square wave over 2 hours."  It asks 
"starting time?" and you answer "immediately" or "2:15am"  It could read back 
your last bolus or what your basals are!!!!!  Would make the pump usable for 
the visually impaired!!!!  of course, you'd have to tote the com station 
around, but so what?!?>!?!?!?!?  

the actual audio bolus on the MNMD is a feaure you can turn on so you can 
program a bolus without looking.  It can be programmed to be .5 or 1.0 unit 
per beep...I am not currently using it, but I htink you hit SEL, ACT, then 
the UP arrow for as many increments as you want...then it repeats the beeps 
back to you...3 beeps = 1 1/2  units if you have selected the .5 
option....Kinda a pain if you want to deliver 1.8 units...but great if you 
dont wanna dig your hands down the front of your shirt, move your boobs out 
of the way and pull it out!!!  not so much a problem if you are a boy...heh 

BUt - yeah - great idea !  someone send it where it needs to go!!!

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