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[IP] pricks

someone brought up the point that some people might be offended by the 
arrogant tone of our bumper sticker...

> Don't victimise diabetics - they put up with enough pricks now.

which is very true.  people in the small bible belt town I lived in before 
NYC would have been very offended by it, as they would have been by the 
PRO-CHOICE one that was there before I pulled over on the side of the highway 
and scraped it off (I was moving there to be a "leader" in the community, so 
to speak, and making negative waves as I drove into town was not the foot I 
wanted to start on - of course, it didn't take me long to start making 
them...me and my high fallutin' ideas about how theatre ought to be 
done...heh heh)

ON THE OTHER HAND....I guess this is just more evidence as to why they call 
this America, land of the free, home of the brave.  If you are brave enough 
to assert your freedom of speech on the back end of your car, then your 
freedom to do so is protected.  If you CHOOSE to disagree with what it says 
on the back end of my car, please assert byour right to AVERT YOUR EYES!

My car is currently in a garage, but I'd like a t-shirt with our message on 
it...  I'd like one that says "Diabetics do it with pricks" in the vein of 
those ones that say, "Hairdressers do it with style," "Nurses call the 
shots," "Plumbers do it under the sink" etc.

heh heh...can't you see me at my mostly gay gym!!!  ROTFLMAO


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