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[IP] from one disturbed individual to several others <g> long


Not to generalize, but there seem to be some people on the list who are 
taking one sentence out of my post and ignoring the rest, and making your OWN 
inferred generalization about it.  In a post titled IN DEFENSE OF BARB, (and 
I suggest you re-read what it was in response to), I wrote:  

> Aren't we lucky this is America and I can freely voice my opinion?  
> I think aiming for an A1c of under 6.0 is a sign of an extremely 
> disturbed individual.  That said, I would never for ONE SECOND deny 
> one his or her right to obsess over blood sugars like this, but would 
> remind everyone that there are NO studies that show that this type 
> of control eliminates complications

Jen wrote:
> Now listen smarty pants, I don't like your tone!!  ;-)

now, am I supposed to assume that the little grin is changing the "tone" of 
your words?  You and me seem to get along pretty well, off-list, so i have to 
assume you are softening your "tone" with the grin.  Maybe I should have 
added a cute little grin or smiley when I called "everyone" [sic] 
disturbed....i just figured you people know me well enough to know my "tone." 
  so here - 8-)

you wrote:
> I don't aim for any particular A1C.  What I aim for is stable, 
> healthy b.g. on a daily basis.  

Exactly my point.  If one, or one's doctor, is going to pick an arbitrary 
number out of the blue, then why choose one that is so difficult for "MOST " 
people to achieve?  Even the DCCT participants didn't average THAT low?  Why 
do we allow ourselves or our children to feel so bummed out or "bad" when we 
get our numbers back and they are 6.8 or even 7.5!!! If we used to be 8.0 or 
10.6 or 13.4, as mine were in my teens, then for me to run between 6.8 and 
7.3 for the past 2 years running is SUCH an achievement!  And in fact in the 
6.5 years I have been pumping, I have only had 3 A1Cs that were higher than 
8.0, but I was also in a horrible place in my life...

My A1cs, those petite psuedo-snapshots of "control" indiacte I am stable - 
the complications I have are no worse than they were when I went on the pump 
and in fact, have indeed IMPROVED (the bleeding I have NOW is NOT due to new 
growth, which happens in poorly controlled diabetics, which I no longer am)   
 I have very few lows and even fewer highs...sure I swing, but my swings are 
between 60 and 325, rather than 28 and 500!!!!   So why would I, or my 
doctor, want to discount this "stability" because it isn't a Six Point Oh???

Jen writes:
> So. . . I just disproved your little theory.  1. I don't "aim".
> 2. I don't obsess (usually).   3. I eat like a "normal" person
> 4. With the pump, after a long period of adjusting to this new
> life and regimen, it's NOT a hurculean effort.

Well, now first of all, I don't have a theory - none of what I write is 
"theory" - everything I write is MY educated opinion.  My post was directed 
at those people who DO "aim" for an ellusive number, who DO take what their 
doctor and other medical professionals say as gospel, who trust in god or 
whatever that if they never allow their blood sugar to go above a certain 
point then they won't get complications, and who deny themselves an 
interesting and challenging diet or life - those are the disturbed ones...if 
you can't live a little, why bother.  if everything you do is constricted or 
bound up by diabetes, why bother? 

Leslie, a person who even KNOWS me personally, wrote:

> this is in response (sort of) to Sara's post about people being obsessive 
> f they have an A1C below 6.0. My A1C run any where from 5.4 to
> 5.9.  I am not obsessive. 

Sigh....again, please re-read what I wrote and what it was in response to. 
Note the words "MY OPINION," "I THINK" and "I WOULD NOT DENY RIGHTS" - I am 
not making broad sweeping generalizations about how YOU, (insert your name 
here), specifically, should care for your diabetes....just letting you know 
what "I" think,and what "MY" opinion is, while at the same time, trying to 
have a laugh!!  I am always one to assert YOUR rights to do whatever the heck 
you want!  Of course the fact that my doctor is actually the one who used the 
words "disturbed" is unbeknownst to you...I just thought it was FUNNY...

someone wrote:
>We are different and (like it or not) we all have different control
>parameters.  Inappropriate generalities and personal criticism directed at
>another list member merely shows intolerance for differing views or facts.

This just makes me laugh!  Thank whatever we are all different, and I DO like 
it!!  Some of you have taken the ONE sentence of my post, completely out of 
context and blown it into something personal.  The post I originally wrote in 
respone to was not very nice, IN MY OPINION, and seemed overly-challenging to 
another list member.  IN MY OPINION, it showed a much greater amount of 
intolerance than just about anything I have ever said...He wrote that "Good 
control should always be much less than you suggest." ALWAYS???  wht happened 
to YMMV - who are YOU to tell ME what is or is not "good!"  What Barb had 
suggested was NOT that different than what any other medical professional 
would redommend...other than those ones who ask if you have taken your "sugar 

I always say YMMV or words to that effect whenever I voice my (loud) opinion. 
 I have GREAT intolerance for people that think there is only one set way to 
do things...especially diabetes, and that to veer off the path is certain 
destruction, but I also don't understand how some people can go through life 
thinking everything is gonna be hunky dory if they can just keep bg under 
130, or whatever their personal magic number is...


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