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Re: [IP] How God Selects

Sorry, just another thought ...

I had a wonderful woman from a church nearby (where I did not attend) stop in 
and visit my mother when she was terminally ill (my Mom died 10 years ago 
from ALS). And watching someone die slowly is incredibly painful. This is 
another one of those times when I want to ask, "Why does she have to 
suffer?". My Mom was as close to a saint as you can get (IMO). Anyway, this 
women told me that certain people spent time suffering in life to help save 
the souls otherwise gone astray. My Mom was that kind of person, she would 
have helped anyone. 

Now, I know I could get a lot of neg. mail about this, and that's okay. 
Watching someone you love dearly, and not being able to help ease their 
suffering, anything that will help to give some reason as to "why her" can 
bring some relief. I would hate to see anyone suffer, but the thought that 
maybe she was helping others pass on, before she finally did, was kind-of 
enlightening. Dealing with her disease and ultimate death at least had some 
good reason.

Granted, this may not be true. A lot of you may be ROTF at my thoughts. Once 
again, that's okay. But it helps to get me through, and I always say, if it's 
not hurting anyone and it helps you, then go for it.

So, to know that I may have been selected to care for a child with diabetes, 
wow, what a special person I must be. I know I can do this for Rachel. I know 
I will see her through this disease until there is a cure. I know we will all 
be here tomorrow for a future that only brings sunshine, happiness and cotton 
candy <SMILE>  (sorry, I couldn't help adding in the cotton candy...).

Mom to Rachel
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