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Re: [IP] How God Selects the Mother of a Child with Diabetes

True, I don't know if I was selected to have a child with diabetes, or is it 
just nature, but one thing is for certain, there are days when I sit and want 
to scream to God (or whomever, whatever you want to believe in)  "Why Me???" 
or why her. And this little piece by Erma Bombeck, actually makes me feel 
good. That may sound crazy, but this is almost an assurance that I'm capable 
of doing this job ... and what an emotional job this is. Sometimes, a pat on 
the back and someone saying, "Geez, you did that so well" makes all the 
difference. And what more of a pat on the back then from the number one 
"patter" in our life.

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