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[IP] MiniMed (they seem to like me!)

one other thing
 I got a package from MM today...5 Silhouette infusion sets and 7
reservoirs...Neither ordered by me. I've received samples from them
many times, now over 10 sets, but I wonder if there's another Amy
Martin they mean to give them to..b/c once I got an info pak after I
had already started my pump, actually it wasn't addressed to me, it was
addressed to my dog Sarah, at the same address! cracked me up! But
anyhow I get stuff I don't ask for, but funny enough it's what I always
use!~ I"m wondering if this is b/c I called the help line Wednesday
night b/c of a No Delivery alarm, after I'd replaced the set earlier in
teh day--my mom thinks maybe it's b/c it was something with the set and
they like to keep people happy so they just sent them. I am NOT
complaining, this is great and i'm starting to run low on supplies, but
is this normal? does this happen everytime you have a prob and call for
advice (NOT supplies)? Or do they just like me?>
 Just funny..didn't expect anything from minimed and then these came

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