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[IP] Pumping at school? wearing??

Hey all
 one thing the nurse thought I should do is not "hide" my pump the
first few weeks of school, but keep it covered so I don't go crazy
getting asked a million questions. i did this last year with a saline
pump by wearing a t shirt every day, but don't wnat to this year. and
this will be the first year I am testing BG IN the classroom (unless
I"m so uncomfortable) but do you think I should conceal it? I don't and
would like some reenforcement. I mean i could wrap the tubing around
the outside if worse came to worse to make it obvious..one good thing!
we have a new police officer at my high school, the nurse called her in
and introduced us and explained to her about my pump, and I'd seen the
officer in teh main office b4 my meeting with the principal and she
said she'd noticed the tubing and tape (not the pump). She was great
about it , b/c they could pull you aside b/c NO pagers or lookalikes
are allowed, but guess what, she said if any kids or anyone give me a
problem, to tell her! I am seriously hoping no one does, but that's a
great comfort!

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