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hey all
 Had my meeting with my mom and the hs principal today. Let's say this
I hate this guy, walked into the clinic b4 the meeting and the nurse
could see the look on my face! I told my mom b4 that she'd do most of
the talking b/c this principal is infamous for NOT listening to
students, which I experience every time I dealt with him last year. He
listened, blah blah blah, sounded concerned about taking standardized
tests when low and NOT being allowed to eat, etc etc so he will try to
deal with that. BUT wouldn't help with the attendance and exemption
policy, which was why I did not go see my endo last schoolyear..who
only sees patients one day a week and last appt is 1:30....so I got the
nerve up (as a parent told me to at a support group last week) and
asked him who could I talk to about making an exception since he was so
UNwilling to help..the superintendent, and my mom made a meeting! So I
will make the superintendent aware of some probs from last year, the
principal and how he does (N"t) help and hopefully he will understand
where I"m coming from. I at least feel good that I opened my
mouth!!!haha, and b/c I did they may understand that sometimes diabetes
causes absences which shouldn't count against student (especially ones
with straight A's) so I think when my mom (me too if it's in the
summer) have this meeting, we WILL get some where, just had to share!~!

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