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Re: Post Breakfast Highs was Re: [IP] A1c - David's

Thanks Joann, when you say the b/g come back to target, that means the amount 
of H was correct.  Well it happened again today. Here's an example.  Pre 
brkfst 86- i gave Matt 3H and 5N he ate 5c brkfst. 8:00. Now at 10:00 he's 
due for a snack, he was then 236 so i let him wait, 11:00 167 again 
waited.......by 12:30 he'd crashed to 46 and felt bad.  Should i have given 
him something at 167?  Do you think if i'd give him Humalog 15 mins before 
brkfst it would help?  Today was a bad example for pre brkfst b/g he'd had 
lots of excercise last night.  Lately he's been 140-160 so i know i wouldn't 
give him Humalog before eating at 86.  Thanks.

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