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Re: [IP] How God Selects the Mother of a Child with Diabetes

The original version of this article was titled "How God Selects the Mother 
of a Child with a Disability". I've seen various versions of this article 
writien with the word "disabled" replaced by the disease of choice.

Personally, it's not one of my favorite pieces. I'd hate to think that God is 
sitting up there smacking out misfortune on those who are so "special". I 
prefer to think that diseases happen because of the frailty of the human 
body. Faith in God only helps give you the backbone and strength to deal with 
these frailties.

And for all the New Englanders out there, our family lives in Southeastern 
Ma.! Anyone know of any young pumpers(under 12) in our area, my son would 
love to meet them.

Mom to Chris,9, dx'd @4 and pumping 1 year, and Angela, 10, dx'd 10/98, no 
pump yet, but we're working on it!
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