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Re: [IP] eating low carb diet-ruth

long grain and brown rices are alot better than instant rice.  I would think 
they'd be good.  Anyway you should eat what you want.  --Gianna

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>Subject: Re: [IP] eating low carb diet-ruth
>Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 23:45:13 EDT
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>email @ redacted writes:
>  >I am only thinking about this because I have been cutting down on pasta,
>  >rice and potatoes myself, trying to drop some lbs.  I noticed that 
>  >is
>  >having better levels when we all eat this way as a family.
>  > >>
>Just my two cents here but I think rice isn't a terribly bad carb.  My dh 
>from the Philippines and their incidence of diabetes is very small.  I find
>my husband who eats rice three times a day and about 50% of his diet along
>with fish and chicken, to be thin and healthy.  Low cholesterol etc.  I 
>converted to all rice and my children only eat rice and I have found it so
>much easier to control than eating potatoes and pasta.  I also sometimes
>wonder if it is the kind of rice we eat.  The kind we buy in 100 lb bags is
>no Uncle Bens that is for sure.
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