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Re: [IP] Figuring for "foreign" foods

email @ redacted wrote:
> (However, you should also know that I like
> to cook and I read cookbooks like other people read novels.)

Once I got to THAT line, I didn't even have to look and see who the
message was from!!!!  :)

OK, what *I* want to learn how to make from scratch is Zurek, a Polish
sourdough soup. Have you ever had it?

I'd like to learn how to make it because it's GOOD, but the packaged
mixes I brought back from Poland all have ham in them, and I'd like to
eliminate the salted pork flavor. I suspect it would taste good made
with chicken!

So, maybe in your copious spare time, when you're dying for some
recreational reading, maybe you'll find a Polish cookbook? (And the
reason I'm asking, rather than trying to do it myself is that, as you
know, cookbooks scare the britches off me!).

I went to Lobegon last night, but you weren't there, at least during the
time I was. 

I'm trying to waste as much time as possible before I go back to work on


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