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[IP] re: under 10...they don't NEED the pump! VERY LONG - Endo's response

The man replies: 
Subj:    Re: insulin pumps and children
Date:   8/23/99 11:24:15 AM EST
From:   email @ redacted (Des Schatz of ENDO)
To: email @ redacted
CC: email @ redacted (Martha McCallum), email @ redacted

> From:          email @ redacted
> Date:          Mon, 23 Aug 1999 11:40:17 EDT
> Subject:       Re: insulin pumps and children
> To:            email @ redacted

Again you have taken me out of context. Frankly I resent your notion that 
my thinking is archaic. I know _____ well, Stut Brink too, am the 
Pediatric representative on the American Diabetes Association Clinic 
Practice Committee, have 3 major National Institute of Health Grants on 
the screning, prediction and prevention of Type1 diabetes, am using 
inhaled insulin (which hopefully will take the place of all short 
acting injections soon) in clinical trials in young children, and do 
use the pump when kids need it. One of my best friends in Los Angeles, 
Fran Kaufman,  is a strong proponent of the pump, has published 
widelyin the field, has over 50 patients under 10 on nightime if not all 
the time pumps. I too am a pump advocate, although it may not sound like 
it to you!

I do allow my kids to eat when they want to, not all need additional 
shots and they too may attend regular birthday parties, have regular 
Shabbat dinners and go to Barmitzvahs! Not all children have to 
continually eat. Again I personally speak to/EMAIL many of my patients as 
often as every 3 days and almost all of those are happy and do well. 
I would prescibe the pump if they desired it and it was in their best 

The DCCT showed that intensive therapy was clearly 
beneficial.  Whether this is due to the pump, multiple injections, just 
frequent contact, disciplined families etc we actually don't know.  We 
have another NIH funded study to look at this in children. Also you 
assume that the pump is most physiologic. The availability of continuous 
monitoring systems, which we hope to be testing soon will help us 
determine the best delivery systems.

As you point out the pump is not for everyone.  There are downsides too 
which I am sure you are aware of.

Desmond Schatz MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Medical Director, Diabetes Center
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